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Unusual Option Activity is a trade or a set of trades that are highly irregular – i.e. they may provide insight to asymmetric information between different market participants. Having access to Unusual Option activity means you are able to monitor and try to infer what these players may be doing based on the transaction details.

Always have in mind that an unusual trade may or may not be directional. Unusual Option activity in each contract may be complemented with other legs or even be part of a synthetic position – i.e. betting in the opposite direction.

Zackfinds.io finds these interesting trades in the market, making your life easier. Zack’s algorithm actively scans for Unusual Option activity and sends alerts to the platform with several insights associated. In other words, Zack keeps track of the interesting movements in the market, so you can follow the smart money.

The decision to buy or sell an asset is in your hands. Zackfinds.io only offers information to support your decision-making. You are solely responsible for determining whether any investment, investment strategy, security, or related transaction is appropriate for you based on your personal investment objectives, financial circumstances, and risk tolerance.

We offer two monthly plans: a free version and the premium version. With the premium subscription, you will have full access to the platform and all its features and on-time alerts. Our free plan has limited access to the platform and delayed alerts. Read more here: Pricing .

Zack’s free alerts are shared with you regardless of your subscription plan whilst the premium alerts are reserved for premium subscribers to the service zackfinds.io. Read more here: Pricing.

Unfortunately, refunds on existing subscription fees are not possible.

You can pay with debit and credit cards. Read more about our Plans and Pricing .

No. We provide only information about the market. The decision to buy or sell is entirely yours to make. There are several brokers or bank institutions you can choose from. Join our community in Discord (open for everyone!) to learn and see what brokers our community is using.