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Intel Extreme Unusual Put Activity - What's up?

  • by Zack Finds
  • May 6th, 2022
Intel Extreme Unusual Put Activity - What's up?

Hello everyone!

Recently Intel (INTC) has been showing a relatively resilient price action when compared to broader index performance. Intel is hosting it’s annual meeting next week - where matters such as the restructuring of the executive compensation package should be approved by shareholders.

Last week Intel presented its quarterly earnings report with an overall beat on Revenue & EPS but with an underwhelming guidance - the stock dropped almost 6 % in After Hours Trading. Fast forward one week and news that the CEO & the new CFO bought 5.500 shares in the beginning of May 2022.

Besides the annual meeting, other news are set to come out in the short term - the spinoff of Mobileye and in particular the release of its Arc Alchemist discreet graphics cards to finally compete with the two major GPU-makers, Nvidia and AMD. The particular info about the pricing of this cards has been so far withheld by Intel - and the launch has been delayed several times.

However, today, some leaks are already pointing to expected release dates and MSRP. Which might give investors an idea of just how much the new ARC line-up will do against the likes of NVDA & AMD.


Source: https://wccftech.com/intel-arc-graphics-ready-for-showtime-a750-a580-and-a380-gpu-sales-embargo-msrp-and-positioning/?beta=1

Interestingly enough, for a company where Unusual Options activity has been relatively muted over the past months, we now captured two extreme trades in Intel. The Jun16 42.5 P & May27 45 P with a combined Volume of over 27K contracts traded above or at the ask while presenting relatively high Vol to OI (~28x & ~26x Vol/OI respectively).



Source: https://zackfinds.com/alerts/1651858751


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